Ok, I will be honest. I did NOT expect to be as terrified as I was of a low-tech doll from the 80s!!

This was the first time I ever saw this movie, even though I had ,of course, heard all about Chucky from countless Pop Culture references. It was fun and entertaining and the perfect movie for a dark, cloudy Saturday night in October. I had also had a very large vodka cocktail while watching it and that helped to amp up the spooky factor a great deal, I think! 🙂

There were actually a handful of scenes that I watched with my eyes partially covered – that doll is a twisted meanie!!! – and this was an entertaining enough scary movie to start off the list this year. I will NOT be watching any of the sequels because I think these images will last me a long time.

Oddly enough, I’ve watched enough detective shows and police procedurals that the scene that cause me to gasp in shock the most was when they interviewed the little boy without his guardian present! *tsk tsk*