After a six month hiatus, I decided to pick up bullet journaling again. Mainly because I’ve been working on producing an event/workshop based around the book, DOT JOURNALING, by Rachel Wilkerson Miller (The Experiment Publishing) for my job as Event Producer for a local bookstore.

I love the book and Rachel’s very fun and easy-to-follow voice and tips and so, I’m back at it again! I’m keeping things simple this time, however, because the reason I couldn’t keep up with it last time was because my inner perfectionista needed to treat each spread like a work of art. And with my own art, blogging, work , friends and family requiring my time, I just couldn’t add ‘ create planner’ to that long list of To Dos.

So, 2018 is going to be simpler! And I’m practicing with my December spread above! Now, simple does NOT have to mean boring, so I added lots of embellishments- SIMPLE embellishments!

I forgot how much fun doing these planner layouts could be for a stationery addict like myself! All those pretty products, doodling, and LISTING!!!

If you want to learn how to make a very easy wreath to incorporate into your journal repertoire of tricks, just read along!


1. Black felt tip pen . I used the Rotring Tikky in 0.4

2. Two thicker felt tip markers. In this case, keeping with the festive theme, I chose Stabilo 68s in #19 and #53 (burgundy and pine green shades)

3. And that’s it! (Told you it was simple!)


1. Draw a semi circle using the black pen. It does not need to be measured or perfect. In fact, I left my imperfections in this picture to lead by example! 🙂


2. Add a leaf to either end/tip of the line.


3. Add a bow to the center. It’s ok if you can see the line of the semi circle through the bow. The market over it will make it less noticeable. However if this will bother you, draw your circle with a pencil first, add the bow, and then ink the piece.


4. Color in the leaves with green and the bow with red.

5. Scatter little red dots around the leaves to simulate berries.

And that’s it!! You are all done! Have fun using this technique in your layouts!