Winter can be hard for many. The days are shorter and darker, the weather is often cold and damp, and our moods are generally… well, moodier! It’s no wonder that most of us want to follow the examples of our furry woodland friends and hibernate!

Unfortunately, we just can’t do that so here are some ways to make these months easier on us. (If you feel as if you are depressed or experiencing the effects of SAD, be sure to talk to your physician.)

1. Eat healthy.

You know what that means for you. I totally understand the lure of fattening comfort food during this time but all things in moderation. Listening to my body, I know that I also crave vitamin C -rich citrus foods right about now. Perhaps to bolster my immunity during the flu and cold season. Whatever it is , those bright, sparkling flavors just seem to cheer me right up.

2. Surround yourself with the power of aromatherapy.

Again, you will know what makes you feel good! In keeping with the citrus from above, I tend to gravitate towards bursts of orange, infused with spicy notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. A combination which is warming and energizing at the same time. Perhaps you prefer the cozy scents of vanilla or baked goods; or a bouquet of floral notes that remind you of spring. There is no right or wrong answer here. Pick something that makes you happy!

3. Socialize.

Although you may want nothing more than to curl yourself up with a good blanket and an even better book- shutting out the rest of the world- be sure to venture out and spend time with family and friends every now and then! A good laugh and great food in the company of people you care about can do the world of good!

4. And finally, take time to include some physical activity. A brisk walk in the cool air or even some gentle and invigorating yoga helps to clear all the cobwebs out of your mind. Never underestimate the power of fresh air or light exercise.

Look after yourself, train yourself to see the beauty in this stark season, and stay cozy and happy!